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2017 Inaugural Meeting

The Consortium Inaugural Meeting was held Thursday October 12, 2017.

Creating a governance structure is the first logical step toward bringing the NASCI Consortium to life. With this in mind, an inaugural meeting with representatives of many SCI consumer-oriented organizations is being planned.

One to two representatives from organizations in North America representing persons living with spinal cord injury, their families, and care-givers may participate in this meeting.

The purpose of this meeting:

  • Discuss and finalize the governance structure of NASCIC
  • Individual organizations officially join NASCIC as members
  • NASCIC members vote to adopt the charter
  • Discuss the first project(s) for NASCIC

The purpose of the North American (NA) Spinal Cord Injury (SCI) Consortium (NASCIC) is to bring together the many organizations in North America that advocate, represent, or communicate with people living with SCI, their family, and caregivers. The consortium is not designed to replace the member organizations, but to provide a platform for communication, advocacy, and representation of shared goals to the larger community. There are many issues to tackle with SCI: care vs cure, rehabilitation, independent living, secondary conditions, employment, to just name a few. All of these issues are important. The initial thrust of this consortium will focus on research and connecting the research community with the SCI community; later topics will be decided upon by the consortium members. SCI research is quickly progressing and people living with SCI need to be equitable partners along the continuum of research to ensure the end results are a) oriented toward their needs, b) clinically relevant, and c) transparent to better enhance uptake.


Meeting Report

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