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SCI: Moving Forward

A Response to

Over the course of the COVID-19 pandemic, the North American Spinal Cord Injury Consortium (NASCIC) hosted a series of live webinars entitled SCI: Moving Forward – A Response to COVID-19.

This series focuses on topics related to COVID-19 and how it is affecting the SCI community.

From telemedicine, to advocacy, health and wellness – as well as how all of this affects our Latinx community members we covered a variety of topics to educate and empower our community during this time.

All episodes are now currently available below to view at no cost – and you can view our complete speaker list at the bottom of the episode list as well.

Webinar Episodes:

NASCIC – SCI Moving Forwards Webinar Summary:

NASCIC COVID-19 & SCI Whitepaper

Evidencia Relacionada con COVID-19 en personas que viven con Lesión Espinal

SCI Moving Forward: Webinar Series. A Response to Covid-19 is made possible with generous support from the 
Craig H. Neilsen Foundation’s Emergency Relief Fund.